Safe Spot Sticker - Safety at Home & In Car

safe spot kitchen photo.jpg
safe spot kitchen photo.jpg

Safe Spot Sticker - Safety at Home & In Car


Safe Spot Sticker: 

Take the worry out of keeping kids safe at home.

An educational and visual Safe Spot for at home or on your car. Your Safe Spot Sticker can be used on your vehicle, in place of a Safe Spot Vehicle Magnet, or it can be used to designate a Safe Spot in a dangerous area at home, like next to your driveway, swimming pool, kitchen bench or workplace.

Having a Safe Spot Sticker in a potentially dangerous environment will provide your child with a safe waiting place, out of harm's way should they find themselves near danger; preventing injury and harm.

You could use your Safe Spot Sticker in a pool area or next to your driveway - so if your child does go into that area unsupervised, they have somewhere to wait safely for an adult. The Safe Spot Sticker can also be used on the outside of the kitchen bench, so kids are not under foot or in the way of electrical goods and cookware.

In the kitchen area, having somewhere safe to stand and wait out of danger allows your child to interact with you while you prepare meals - without their being in immediate danger.

Next to the driveway, your Safe Spot will serve as as a safe placed to wave hello or goodbye to family or visitors without being near vehicles or driveway.

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