Kids Ebook "NOT The Naughty Kid" (The Effects Labelling)


Kids Ebook "NOT The Naughty Kid" (The Effects Labelling)


Ever wondered what the long term effects of labelling is on our kids?
You know, name calling, being insulted or put down, always getting in trouble ... all this DOES have a lasting affect on our kids.

"NOT The Naughty Kid" takes a heart-felt look at the effects of name calling and labelling and the stigma associated with 'becoming' what others say you are. This book is sure to touch your heart. 

Based don one Mum's determination to turn her child's negative self perception around - this book gives real insight into just how damaginglabelling can be.

Plus, try the hands on activity in this story for yourself and see how a little creation and love can go a long way to helping someone to overcome the stigma and heart break of labelling

The perfect educational resource for parents, teachers and other professionals.

What a great way to help our kids feel loved, supported and amazing.


Yup - another awesome Safe Spot publication.

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