Battery SAFE Stickers - Button Battery Safety


Battery SAFE Stickers - Button Battery Safety


Did you know that each year, more than 100 children have died or sustained horrific injuries after swallowing button batteries (lithium batteries)?

Battery SAFE Stickers are the answer to keeping your kids safe from lethal Button Batteries!

What Are Battery SAFE Stickers?

  • Battery SAFE Stickers are small, high tactile stickers which Safe Spot have created to act as a deterrent and which can prevent your child from accessing button batteries in your home.  
  • The Battery SAFE Stickers come in a sheet of 20 stickers of various sizes. Each sticker is designed to fit over the back of common battery controlled devices, making it more difficult for children to remove the battery compartment cover or access the batteries from devices.
  • Each Battery Safe Sticker has a ‘Stop Danger!” logo, which serves as an educational resource for parents, and shows kids items in your home which could pose a potential hazard or danger.
  • Battery SAFE Stickers are intended as an education and preventative resource only and are not to be used in place of sufficient adult supervision.

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