Safe Spot Foundation LTD trading as 'Safe Spot' - Privacy Policy

Safe Spot Foundation LTD trading as ‘Safe Spot’ - Privacy Policy

As part of Safe Spot Foundation providing you with our services and products, we are committed to respecting and protecting the integrity of your privacy and your personal information collected by us. This Privacy Policy applies to all and any personal information which Safe Spot collects, holds or uses for all persons with whom we deal.

This Privacy Policy outlines our practices and rules concerning the handling of your personal information. We will abide by it and the Australian Privacy Principles in force under the Privacy Act 1988. You may request a printed copy of this Policy, at no charge to you, by contacting us in the manner outlined at the end of this Policy.

You must accept our terms of service and the terms of this Privacy Policy in order for us to effectively provide our services, which includes but is not limited to providing educational resources, products and other services to you.

In accepting our services, you consent to our collecting your personal information, including any sensitive information which it includes, for these purposes and reasonably related purposes. The definition of personal information and sensitive information is set out at the end of this Policy and where we refer to personal information in this policy it includes sensitive information.

Why we collect Personal Information.

Safe Spot collects and retains personal information about you including your name, address and contact details. We also collect, retain and use financial information relating to payments you make to us.

In particular, we collect your information in order to:

·       Offer you specific, personalised and relevant educational resources and information and subscription services relating to safety and well-being

·       Maintain our relationship with you and offer our services and products relating to safety and well-being on an on-going basis

·       Liaise with related entities of Safe Spot and third party service providers for the provision of the services to you that are related to safety, well-being and education, or that may benefit you in regard to safety, well-being or educational opportunities. 

We may also use your information for compliance purposes and in-house research and analysis. This helps us to:

·       Improve our understanding of customer needs

·       Create marketing profiles

·       Support strategic development.

·       Ensure we are complying with the regulatory and legal framework in which we operate.


To enable us to conduct research we may share your information with third party suppliers employed to help. All results of any such research and analysis will be anonymised or aggregated information and will not reveal any personal details of individual customers.

How do we collect your personal information?

Where possible we collect your personal information directly from you.

Personal information is generally collected during the course of our contact with you and is largely provided by you. It may be collected verbally in discussions with our employees or agents. It may be supplied in writing by you in the form of web-form submissions, subscription applications and details, or online purchases and downloads made by yourself via the Safe Spot website. At any time your information is given to us by a third party, Safe Spot is careful to ensure that the third party provides your information with your consent.

We may monitor (record) telephone conversations with you for staff training and compliance purposes. We will inform you prior to any telephone conversation which is monitored (recorded) in this way to obtain your prior approval.

The information gathered may include your identity, age, gender and current contact details.

We may also share information between our related or affiliated entities, depending on which of our related or affiliated entities you initially dealt with and what services you obtain.

On occasion, information concerning you, may be provided by third parties such as former employers, educational institutions, or government agencies for compliance requirements.

In addition, some personal information may also be collected by use of “Cookies” when you contact Safe Spot or its associated entities on-line. A cookie is a small file which is placed on your hard drive when you visit a website. We use information from cookies for purposes which may include:

·       Identifying returning users, and subscribers

·       Eliminating the need for returning users to re-enter details

·       Enabling you to move more easily around our website

·       Tracking your use of our site to better develop our site in accordance with your requirements

·       Building up an anonymous profile based on your browsing patterns across our site, and third party websites, which enables us to make advertisements and content available to you that is more relevant to your interests

·       Enabling targeted services and opportunities to be directly marketed to you based on your browsing history.

You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time. Bear in mind, though, that if you delete them, any settings such as your stored username and password may have to be reset when you next log in.

You will be able to use our website even if your browser is not set to accept cookies. However, certain features and content may not be available to you and you will have to log in every time you visit.

By visiting the Safe Spot website, you consent to the use of cookies as explained above. You can also choose whether you wish us to collect cookie information for these purposes using the settings in your browser, as further explained at Further information on the use of cookies can be found at:


In most cases we will require you to specifically consent to or acknowledge any collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by us. This is done by accepting the terms of service on-line and assenting to this Privacy Policy. Sometimes your consent may be implied through your conduct with us.

In all cases you agree that provision by you to us of personal information, including sensitive information, constitutes consent to our collecting, storing, using and disclosing that information for the purposes outlined above and in the ways outlined in this policy.

Rest assured that no matter how your personal or sensitive information is collected, it will be dealt with in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles.

If you do not wish to be contacted by Safe Spot about our products, services or subscriptions and the like, you may opt out at any time by requesting to be removed from our database.

Direct Marketing

From time to time we may use your personal information to provide you with information about our services. By accepting Safe Spot’s terms of service and the terms of this policy and by providing Safe Spot with information or seeking its services, you consent to direct marketing to you of relevant services or opportunities identified by Safe Spot, or third party service providers dealing with Safe Spot. If any phone number you have provided to us is registered on the Do Not Call register you consent to Safe Spot or its affiliates calling that number or those numbers. Safe Spot may continue to contact you for an indefinite period unless and until you advise us otherwise.

Opting out of direct marketing

If you do not want to receive any of this information after providing your consent, you may opt out of receiving direct marketing (whether it be by phone, email or direct contact) at any time and request to be removed from our database, in the following ways:

·       by sending an email to;

·       telephoning us on 0421919980;

·       sending us correspondence addressed to:
Safe Spot Foundation, PO Box 4230
Robina, Qld, Australia 4230.

You may also opt-out and stop the delivery of future promotional material from Safe Spot by following the special instructions (in the form of an unsubscribe function) in any marketing email or other on-line communication you may receive from us. These instructions will tell you how to remove your name from our database and marketing list.


Once you have told us you no longer wish to receive information about our services, we will not send you any further material.  We will keep your basic details in our ‘do not contact’ database so that we do not contact you again.

You can, however, change your mind about receiving information about our services at any time – you just need to let us know by contacting us as outlined above.

Do we disclose your personal information to anyone?

Safe Spot will disclose your personal information to certain affiliated third party service providers in certain relevant circumstances and in the provision of our services to you. This may include disclosure to:

·       Government bodies to whom we are required to report to for compliance regulations

·       Third party service providers such as data processors for the purpose of entering your information into our databases.

Safe Spot may be the subject of sale or negotiations for sale in which case your personal information may be disclosed and ultimately pass into the custody of a purchaser. If this occurs disclosure and transfer will be subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Ensuring your personal information is up to date.

We rely on the personal information we hold about you to efficiently provide our services. Accordingly, it is important that the personal information we collect from you is accurate, complete and up to date.

During the course of our relationship with you we will ask you to tell us of any changes to your personal information. However, you can contact us at any time to update your personal information or to tell us the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete.

Is my personal information secure?

Safe Spot takes all reasonable precautions to safeguard your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We employ a number of means to protect your personal information, including:

·       Premises security

·       Restricted access to personal information

·       Maintaining a secure computer network to prevent unauthorised access

·       Regular reviewing and testing of our software in order to improve the level of security

·       Taking reasonable steps to ensure third parties provide information security of a similar standard.

·       It is our policy to regularly review and if it is no longer being used, remove personal information from our systems.


Please note that there are inherent features of internet communications – including e-mail – which are not secure and may involve your communications being routed through a number of servers and different countries. Safe Spot cannot control this and does not guarantee the security of such transmission. Be aware that various encryption methods can be employed to secure that information if you are concerned about it but, one again, Safe Spot does not control or particularly recommend any of these and does not warrant their effectiveness.

Offshore recipients

Safe Spot uses the services of overseas data storage and processing services and maintains databases outside of Australia.

Safe Spot seeks to ensure any service providers storing or processing data outside of Australia provide secure and discrete information handling and storage.  Where possible this includes ensuring such activity meets the standards required by Australian law.

Safe Spot subscribe to the Business Services of Dropbox for the storage of some of its data.  The Dropbox service subscribed by Safe Spot includes industry standard technical and organizational security measures to transfer, store, and process data. For more information on the management of private information held by the Dropbox service, go to

Safe Spot uses secure payment systems including Paypal and Stripe to collect data and payments. You can read the privacy policies for these companies via the following sites: and

Commonwealth identifier

A Commonwealth identifier is a Commonwealth Government or Commonwealth Government agency designated identification number such as your Tax File Number (TFN) or Medicare number.

Safe Spot does not use Commonwealth identifiers as a means of identifying the personal information that we may have collected about you, even if you have supplied that information to us.

Can I access or correct my personal information?

You may request access to any of the personal information we hold about you. In most cases, a summary of personal information such as your name and address details, contact telephone numbers and the matters you have engaged us on are freely available to you by contacting us by any of the means set out at the end of this policy.

Safe Spot may be required by law to retain your personal information for a period of time after you have ceased your relationship with us. After the required time has passed, we attend to the secure destruction or deletion of your personal information.

Concerns or requests for access

If you have a question about this Privacy Policy or wish to lodge a request to access your personal information you can contact our Privacy Officer as follows:


Mail: Administration Manager, Safe Spot Foundation, PO Box 4239, Robina, Qld 4230
Tel: 0421 919 980 

Can I complain about a breach of my privacy?

Should you have a privacy complaint, please contact us so we can try to fix the problem.

To assist us in helping you, we ask you to follow a simple three-step process:

1.     Gather all supporting documents about the matter of complaint, think about the questions you want answered and decide on what you want us to do.

2.     Contact the Safe Spot Admin Officer via the contact details outlined above, where your situation will be reviewed and if possible resolved straight away. A quick chat is all that’s required to resolve most issues.

3.     If at this stage the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the matter will be referred to a senior manager within Safe Spot. We will provide you with the name and contact details of the manager who will investigate your complaint, answer your questions and do all they can to assist you.

What if I am not satisfied with the response?

If you are not satisfied with the result of your complaint to Safe Spot, you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Mail: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001
Telephone: 1300 363 992


Changes to this Policy

Safe Spot often reviews all its policies and procedures. As a result we may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. This Privacy Policy was introduced on 11 July 2016.


"Personal information" is any information about you that identifies you or information by which your identity can be determined.

"Safe Spot" in this document means Safe Spot Foundation Ltd trading as Safe Spot (ACN 21 606 336 716) and its related businesses.

"Sensitive Information" is personal information concerning your:

·       age

·       financial or payment details

·       health

·       racial or ethnic origin

·       political opinions

·       membership of a political association

·       religious beliefs or affiliations

·       philosophical beliefs

·       membership of a professional or trade association