The Safe Spot Team

Niki Burton - CEO, Director & Founder

Safe Spot Foundation CEO Niki Burton

Niki B is a Mum of four, educator, author and CEO of Safe Spot Foundation. With bachelor degrees in teaching and social science, she loves empowering others and helping them better their lives.

Always looking for ways she can make a positive difference in our world, Niki is a proactive grief recovery specialist and author of many books. She's passionate about helping others through life's most difficult times and with a global vision for fostering a safer, smarter next generation, Niki and the Safe Spot team are determined to help every day people shine.

Safe Spot Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation focused on safety and well-being.

Niki's work as a social entrepreneur allows her to fulfill her destiny in making this world a better place - one heart at a time.

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Robyn Granville - Director

Robyn is a Mum and has ten grandchildren all residing in Australia. Originally from New Zealand, she moved to NSW in 2006 to be closer to her family.

Robyn has expertise in administration, bookkeping and management rights, working in various leading administrative and accounting positions throughout her career; with roles in both small business and corporate organisations.

Upon moving to Australia, Robyn and her partner managed an exclusive holiday complex in northern NSW for more than eight years, as well as successfully relief managing many other complexes throughout QLD.

In 2017, Robyn joined the Safe Spot Foundation team to assist the company in it's growth and development and to increase her role in community benefit based projects.


Scott Granville - Director

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Jenna Kenney - Corporate Partnership Manager

Jenna Kenney Safe Spot Foundation Partner Manager

Jenna is a Mum, business owner and local Gold Coast entrepreneur. She has 17 years experience in finance, sales, marketing, and relationship management.

A cheerleader of innovation; Jenna helps business owners achieve high impact levels of customer service while ensuring they maintain integrity based businesses. 

Jenna joined forces with Safe Spot Foundation in May 2018 as our head of Relationship Management, to ensure our projects reached their maximum potential, and to foster our ability to nurture corporate partnerships.

The Safe Spot Family are grateful to Jenna for assisting us in extending our project reach; with a goal of helping more individuals and families in need. With some exciting projects on the horizon we're looking to a prosperous future and positive change.