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In 2015 it is estimated that there are over 3 billion internet users globally. (i) With technology becoming ever increasingly accessible - it's crucial we protect our youth by educating them about the dangers of cyber usage and give them skills and support in protecting themselves in the online world.

Approximately 35% of students aged 11-14 experience cyber bullying in their lifetimes. (ii)

  1. 25 percent of teenagers report that they had experienced cyber bullying via their cell phone or on the internet.
  2. Over half (52 percent) off young people report being cyber bullied.
  3. Embarassing or damaging photographs taken without the knowledge or consent of the subject has been reported by 11 percent of adolescents and teens.
  4. Over half (55 percent) of all teens who use social media have witnessed outright bullying via that medium.
  5. An astounding 95 percent of teens who witnessed bullying on social media report that others, like them, have ignored the behavior..
  6. More than half of young people surveyed say that they never confide in their parents when cyber bullying happens to them.
  7. More than 80 percent of teens regularly use cell phones, making them the most popular form of technology and therefore a common medium for cyber bullying
  8. Victims of cyber bullying are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and to consider suicide as a result. (iii)

Cyber safety is a very real and known danger - and it's up to us to work together with kids, teens, parents and as a community to ensure our kids safety.

For Kids & Teens

REWORD . The tool that helps prevent online abusive behaviour, identifying insulting statements in real time.

REWORD. The tool that helps prevent online abusive behaviour, identifying insulting statements in real time.



For Parents & Guardians

Copyright Notice - The above information is property of Australian Government and have been created to provide interactive resources that educate children and teens about key cyber safety messages. Age group - 11-14 years. Key issues include safe social networking, protecting personal information, responding to cyber bullying and unwanted contact, digital reputation and responsible online and mobile use. These animations, videos and games are complete with teacher resources which can be used in classrooms or by parents to facilitate online safety awareness and skills.



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