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Books For Hope Project 2018



Thanks to our 2018 Partners, the Books For Hope Project will see $36,000 worth of of our gorgeous grief recovery books Pure Heart Books gifted to locals who need them most.

Together, with our partners we're making a difference in the lives of many.

About This Project

During times of stress, trauma and hardship, people tend to feel alone, unsupported and misunderstood - and seeking help from others is not always easy.

The Books For Hope Project aims to help some of our local Gold Coast people who are experiencing grief to feel supported, loved and understood.


Thanks to the generosity of our 2018 Partners, we're giving away $36,000 worth of our amazing Pure Heart Resources. No catch.

Books For Hope Partners 2018 Safe Spot Foundation

Why Does This Project Matter?

Imagine feeling heart broken, alone and misunderstood, and not knowing who to turn to for help in difficult times.

Imagine struggling to cope with the death of someone you love and not knowing how to reach out for help or how to support your family and loved ones during your time of grief.

Imagine not knowing how to support your kids during separation, access visits and divorce. ...

Imagine being a foster child and feeling like you don't belong, that you're not loved...

These are real experiences faced by our local people every day, and Safe Spot Foundation and our Valued Partners are determined to make a difference.

Imagine it was you who was grieving. You who needed support. Imagine reaching out for help and being gifted a beautiful, grief recovery resource which filled your heart with hope and love. A gift which made you feel loved, understood and supported. A gift of support - for all people of all ages; to treasure, keep and share.

Our Pure Heart Books - Grief Recovery Resources lay the foundation for difficult conversations and assist parents, guardians, friends and professionals in fostering communication and expression and emotional intelligence.

The Pure Heart book series has been used by individuals, families and professionals across the globe and was specifically created to help individuals and families through some of life's most difficult times. And now thanks to our partners, we're giving away 1800 copies to those who need them most.

How Does The Project Work?

Together with our 2018 Books For Hope Partners, we're donating 450 copies of each of our pure heart hardcover titles, to local families and individuals experiencing grief and trauma; such as the death of a loved one, divorce and separation, custody and access limitations, foster-care. 

With 4 titles to be gifted, that's 1800 quality grief recovery books valued at $36,000, gifted to those who need them most.

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