Books For Hope Project

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We're Giving Away $36,000 worth of our gorgeous Grief Recovery Resources


Pure Heart Grief Recovery Books 

Gifted Free - To Those In Need.


What Is Books For Hope Project?

Books For Hope Project is a Safe Spot Foundation initiative scheduled for launch in July 2018.

Our Goal - Making a positive impact on those suffering with grief and mental health issues. Providing FREE Grief Recovery Resources to people who need them most. 

How Does It Work?

Books For Hope Project will see 1800 of our high quality Pure Heart Books (grief recovery resources) gifted to individuals and families who need them most. These resources aren't just books - for some they are the difference between wellness and giving up and they're for people of all ages! Pure Heart Resources are Heart-felt books which lift souls and help people feel understood, supported and loved.

Corporate Sponsorship

Safe Spot Foundation is offering exclusive and limited corporate partnership opportunities to reputable organisations. Your organisation can apply to enhance your corporate social responsibility by joining us in making a real difference in the lives of thousands of local people who need our support.

Partners will be rewarded with tailored corporate responsibility packages, mutually beneficial partnership inclusions and extensive social reach until Jun3 30, 2019!

 Together; we'll be making a difference in the lives of many.

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Our Resources


Book 1

‘Where Are You Now?’

Fostering Grief Recovery For Those Who've Lost Someone They Love.

 High Quality Hardcover Book


3d book cover image TSW.JPG

Book 2

The Secret Wish.’

Fostering Hope and Insight To A Change In Family Dynamic. Helping Families Feel Supported During Separation.

High Quality Hardcover Book


3d book cover image idw2g.JPG

Book 3

‘I Don’t Want To Go.’

Helping Families Overcome Grief and Conflict Associated With Separation.

High Quality Hardcover Book



Book 4

‘My Guiding Star.’

Giving A Voice To Children In Foster Care and Guardianship.

High Quality Hardcover Book





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